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Students Mixing and Sampling Original Music across all Genres

Music, Technology & Global Learning: Classrooms Re-Imagined

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MySchoolROCKS believes in the synergy between the musical arts, education and youth wellness. 

Through the connective power of music, we inspire young people to embrace creativity, well-being and inclusivity as a pathway to reaching their full potential


We have been nominated for a major award!

MySchoolROCKS has been invited to attend the Re-Imagine Education Conference and Awards in London, England this December.

Selected from over 1500 global applicants, MySchoolROCKS signature program, Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S  is a shortlisted finalist in the category of BEST Educational App.  

Wish us luck as we pitch our App idea to a distinguished panel of leaders in global education innovation.    

 "The Re-imagine Education Awards – the ‘Oscars’ of Education’ – rewards  innovative approaches that enhance student learning outcomes". 

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Download OUR Theme Song And Play It At Your School!

Please CLICK the button below to download our theme song -written by MySchoolROCKS Instructor  and  UFORIA front man Michael Ursini. We recommend playing it during announcements, at assemblies and school events.  Ask us about our vocal backing track version and how students can write their own unique lyrics describing why their school ROCKS!

My School Rocks Theme Song (mp3)


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R.O.C.K.S: Assisting Youth Through a GLOBAL Lens

Shaping 21st CENTURY Skills in a GLOBAL Perspective

Collaboration, problem solving and emotional intelligence are explored in our program "Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S."   Musical themes are used as catalysts to ignite the 21st century thinking needed to navigate today's interconnected world

Unlocking CREATIVITY via the Universal Medium of Music

Based on fundamentals of PROGRESSIVE music instruction,  MySchoolROCKS unlocks  creativity through contemporary songs supported by hands-on guitar, percussion, keyboard & music mixing R.O.C.K.Shops 

MODELLING Strategies for Lifelong WELLNESS

MySchoolROCKS assists students in embracing a GROWTH Mindset by "Thinking Like a Musician" tapping into creative centres of the brain and applying social-emotional learning to re-frame negative thinking using age appropriate strategies  

WHY Combine "Music & Wellness" in a Program?

The Brain--Body Connection

"Because of the technological improvements in brain research, it has been possible, via neuromusicology, to gain a better understanding of (how) musical cognition can provide a basis for the biomedical applications of music. For example, studies indicate that music can stimulate complex cognitive...and sensorimotor processes in the brain".  

( Michael H. Thaut,  Colorado State University)  

Music as a Pathway to School Success & Community Transformation

Breakthroughs in the science of neuroplasticity continue to highlight the power of mindfulness.  Imagine a classroom where students actively tap into the creative power of right brain modalities and apply these pathways to guide their learning!  What better immersion into group dynamics, the craft of songwriting and design thinking than introducing students to lessons that simulate the role of musicians in a band?  

MySchoolROCKS continues to research the viability of extending our program's reach via digitization and augmented reality. When structured in the proper curricular context, the classroom possibilities are endless.  As students fully engage with rich experiential learning, and educators unleash the power of personalized arts activities, school communities can be transformed one class at a time. 

Music & Wellness R.O.C.K.S Research INITIATIVE


Please stay tuned as MySchoolROCKS retools our Music & Wellness R.O.C.K.S programming for 2020

We thank all educators for their program inquiries. Please note that we are currently re-working R.O.C.K.S programming and will ONLY be able to accept bookings in the new year

Stay tuned  for great things in 2020!!!


  • 1000's of hits and visitors at 
  • Over 30 class visits from Grade 3-8 students, as well as hosting  YMCA ROCK Camps and CORE  "Ideal Me" Workshops
  • Hundreds of social media followers, inquiries and contacts with educational professionals from around the world
  • Over 1000 students, teachers and parents engaging with Music & Wellness R.O.C.K.S through our Studio Program
  • Over 500 hours of experiential music and growth mindset instruction with youth 
  • Positive feedback, referrals, & supportive comments from participants, community partners and international organizations

"I wish we had this when I was in school" -Teacher Participant

Keep following our progress as we embark on an ambitious research project:

  • We aim to make concrete breakthroughs connecting music instruction with cultivating growth mindsets and achieving success for young students
  • We will work to unlock and refocus the reservoirs of artistic potential that all young people possess
  • Translate the cognitive science connection between music and the mind into adaptable, user friendly educational resources for all teachers, students and classrooms 
  • Develop and pilot a classroom friendly App that will revolutionize how teachers use music to meet the diverse needs of  ALL students
  • Solidify partnerships with like minded organizations that look to redefine,  re-imagine and recreate classroom education

Please stay tuned...DOWNLOAD our NEWS Letter HERE!!!

Our Studio Program ROCKED in 2019!!


THANK YOU for SUPPORTING MySchoolROCKS Programming !

We would like to thank the students and teachers at Gandatsetiagon Public School, Pickering , St. Francis Xavier Catholic Elementary School, St.John of the Cross,  St. Raphael C.S and St. Angela Merici Catholic School for your outstanding program participation in the Fall.  

It was also a thrill to welcome The GLIMPSE kids from Parkfield P.S and participants form: Bristol Street Public School, Parkinson Centennial School Orangeville, St. Andre Bessette, St. Angela Merici and All Saints Catholic Elementary during our spring session.  What an outstanding group of young musicians!!

A sincere thank you to teachers and administrators as approximately 1000 students visited our studio and engaged with the 5 elements of R.O.C.K.S programming. 

A VERY big thank you to the Managers at the Oakville YMCA and the team at St. Bernadette C.S for helping us deliver some outstanding  Summer ROCK Camps--WE Salute YOU!

The feedback from our participants is invaluable as we approach potential grant providers & funders with some compelling data supporting music based education!

No Musical Experience Required...Enriched Music Guaranteed!



 MySchoolROCKS  teaches popular/ modern songs using innovative instructional methods reflecting best practices in Progressive Music Education.  This hands-on approach acts as the " hook" that encourages students to exit comfort zones, take responsible risks and accept failure as a part of the learning process

COLLABORATIVE (Social Emotional Learning)


 Participants learn valuable skills that promote co-operation, team building and conflict resolution. Our  30 minute ROCKSHOP sessions touch upon youth friendly strategies for positive mental health.

ENGAGING (Experiential Learning)


Our Instrument Carousel Program is divided into 4 instructional sessions: Guitar, Keyboards, Drums & Sound LAB and consolidated with our teacher led Wellness ROCKshop.  Participants rotate through each 30 minute activity learning rudiments by playing along with popular/ modern songs.

Student Engagement: FIVE Experiential Sessions



Participants will learn 3 easy guitar chords and will be playing along with Bruno Mars and The Black Eyed Peas songs by the end of the carousel session!



Our innovative keyboard instruction combines visual graphics with hands on music learning.  As the session builds on skills, participants will be playing along with Adele, Drake and others!  



Participants will learn the fundamentals of drumming and will be able to play along with almost any song on the radio!



Students experiment with cloud based  interactive, user-friendly software programs that create music!  Instruments, beats and special effects can be looped to compose unique samples of individualized music. Additionally, users can add personalized lyrics and record vocals to their creation.

Mental Wellness Strategies For Youth "R.O.C.K.Shop"


Utilizing best practices in Respect Ed, Social Emotional Learning and youth mental wellness, MySchoolROCKS encourages participants to make the cognitive connection between learning music and developing a Growth Mindset.  Key themes include: mindfulness, resilience and responsible risk taking.

We Challenge Youth to Engage With The R.O.C.K.S Message!


R - Respect Each Other

How do you build solid foundations for POSITIVE relationships?

O - Open Up - Make A Friend

Learn the POWER of positive relationships!

C - Confidence - Own It!

Hold your head HIGH in all situations!

K - Kindness - Show It!

Learn about the profound impact of KIND words and actions! 

S - Stand Up - YOU Make A Difference

Recognize how individual CHOICES can strengthen your community!

Check out this AMAZING school using MySchoolROCKS!

Parkfield Junior School in Etobicoke used our MySchool R.O.C.K.S program to write and record a wonderful  school theme song.  They also produced  an awesome supporting video!! 

A BIG thank you for outstanding teamwork on a job well done by the Parkfield Rock Stars

Presentations for Junior & Intermediate students:

If music is covered at your school and you need a boost with Character ED, MySchoolROCKS can arrange to have only our Wellness ROCKSHOPS visit YOUR class: 

  • Building on RespectED  (Canadian Red Cross) & best practices in social emotional learning (SEL), students learn to recognize and respond to negative situations in constructive ways
  • Students focus on building growth mindsets, resiliency and conflict resolution skills through our acronym R.O.C.K.S

  • Cost : 90 minute workshop (booklet included) $275 

Looking for a school assembly idea? BOOK MySchoolROCKS LIVE

  • Bring out your inner rock star as the MySchoolROCKS BAND performs a high octane assembly for your entire school  
  • Celebrate community spirit as MySchoolROCKS energizes your students with messages that promote empathy, co-operation and inclusivity 
  • Students and teachers are invited to join our award winning musicians on stage for an unforgettable LIVE performance!                                       
  • Professional Appearance Fee: $550 (No HST)

On The Air With NEWSTALK 1010: CFRB Profiles MySchoolROCKS

MySchoolROCKS Interviewed by CFRB host Dave Trafford

MySchoolROCKS founders Anthony Kolozetti and Cliff Callaway were thrilled to be live on the air at NewsTalk 1010 The Weekend Show with Dave Trafford.  Cliff and Anthony touched upon the key elements of the MySchoolROCKS program and how it connects with the timely subject of  youth mental health.  

"Young people will not only love our studio when they come in, they will learn new things about their creative selves...its about being in the moment, playing along with popular songs and truly having a musical experience".


Our sincere thanks to the fine professionals at CFRB 1010 and Dave Trafford for inviting us to appear on the morning show.



We Love Our Partners!


MySchoolROCKS is THRILLED to announce that we have been AWARDED two major GRANTS!

  • Through the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MySchoolROCKS has been selected to be one of 15 Grand Challenges Exploration grants  investigating new innovations in education! Click on this LINK for more information