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Articles of Interest / Education Resources

This Is Your Brain On MUSIC


 Fascinating article courtesy of Canadian Geographic Magazine

Social Emotional Learning


REPORT Prepared by the Alberta Health Services 2013

MUSIC Counts in Canada!


"Music education in Canada is endangered...students are missing out"


WiReD's Peter Rubin offers a fascinating perspective on our "Brains & Creativity".

Peter touches upon frisson -"the spine tingling, hair raising reaction to music...!"

In addition to a great video, there is an excellent bibliography detailing expert research in this emerging field.

Lesson Plans and Suggested Activities

MySchoolROCKS gratefully acknowledges the excellent activities developed and made available by the following:

  • Family Channel
  • PrevNet
  • Scholastic
  • Professors G.L. Johnson and R.J Edelson 
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy

Educational Links and Resources


Canadian Red Cross

 The Canadian Red Cross has been working to promote healthy relationships amongst individuals and schools since 1984. Red Cross Respect Education programs have educated over 7 million Canadian children, youth and adults.

Mindfulness Meets The Classroom

Courtesy of the Atlantic- 

Many educators are introducing meditation into the classroom as a means of improving kids’ attention and emotional regulation.


Student 'platform' calls for more mental health resources in schools

Toronto Star Education Reporter Andrea Gordon highlights how "mental health supports are a central part of the “student platform” they will roll out at Queen’s Park on behalf of the 2 million students they represent from public and Catholic school boards. 

CyberBullying Facts and Information

CBC News Investigates CyberBullying

  A report from Statistics Canada says almost one in every five young Canadians has been a victim of cyberbullying or cyberstalking. 

Stay Tuned...

Please check back frequently as our educational team continues to update this section with education resources for lessons, ideas and strategies designed to assist teachers with Mental Health and WELLNESS and Music ARTS programming!