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MySchoolROCKS is a Charity Organization


Awareness - Education - Inspiration

My SchoolROCKS is a CRA registered (#787689520) and NGO recognized charity founded in Mississauga Ontario, CANADA.  

MySchoolROCKS is passionate about promoting youth wellness through the Arts.  Our guiding vision encourages students to embrace Awareness, Education and Inspiration through music!      

We strive to:

  • Help youth unlock their POTENTIAL by engaging with progressive music activities 
  • Use music's powerful impact on the brain to cultivate GROWTH MINDSETS
  • Develop and apply 21st CENTURY SKILLS such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and self-direction
  • Educate youth to apply age appropriate INTERPERSONAL and SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL SKILLS to navigate conflict
  • Inspire young people to recognize situations where they can assume LEADERSHIP roles that make a difference in their communities 
  • Initiate meaningful DIALOGUE that addresses challenges facing youth 

Directors Anthony Kolozetti & Cliff Callaway

ROCKERS on a Mission...

We are dedicated to initiating constructive dialogue focusing on the timely issue of youth mental wellness in a school system where stress comes from many angles. Harnessing the synergy between music, and wellness, we inspire students to embrace well-being and inclusivity through the transformational power of Thinking Like a Musician !

MySchoolROCKS envisions culture change at the school level by mentoring youth to manage negative situations in healthy ways. 

Our Rock OUT assembly, wellness ROCKSHOPS and hands-on music instruction tap into emotional intelligence highlighting the positive impact of Music, Mindfulness and Growth Mindsets. 

From our original "Rock Out Bullying" message of inclusivity, to our ambitious  research project and App development, MySchoolROCKS aspires to be an innovative leader in classroom instruction. 

Let MySchoolROCKS energize your students, unlock creativity and use the positive power of music to make your school community ROCK!


Supporting Youth Mental Wellness

MySchoolROCKS is working to create student and teacher friendly resources. More importantly, we are networking with global institutions to expand the depth, reach and accessibility of Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S.    

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  • Downloadable Lesson Plans
  • Fact Sheets
  • Educational Links
  • Classroom Friendly Activities

Coming soon...

  • Goal Setting activities, inspirational stories, motivational strategies AND classroom ready units that tackle cross-curricular expectations/outcomes 

WE INVITE YOU TO EXPLORE OUR In Studio & LIVE Roadshow Programs

Our programs continue to build momentum and are looking to expand. There will be many new elements to explore in 2019/2020 and we invite you to click on the link below to learn more about our signature Music and Wellness initiative

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