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The MySchoolROCKS Methodology


Enrich your music curriculum and enlighten your students with our learner-centred and teacher friendly programming


Led by a certified teacher, MySchoolROCKS offers engaging presentations that model positivity, conflict resolution and the importance of mental wellness


Invigorate your school community with positive energy as students learn how to navigate challenging situations using the R.O.C.K.SHOPS Program

The Brain- Body Connection


Why Musicians Have Healthier Brains 

By Deane Alban

If you are looking for evidence on how music affects the brain, you may want to considering studying the brains of those who play a lot of music — professional musicians. Brain scans show that their brains are different than those of non-musicians.  How?

Musicians have bigger, better connected, more sensitive brains. (3)

Musicians have superior working memory, auditory skills, and cognitive flexibility. (4, 5)  Their brains are noticeably more symmetrical and they respond more symmetrically when listening to music. (6)

Areas of the brain responsible for motor control, auditory processing, and spatial coordination are larger. (7)

Musicians also have a larger corpus callosum. (8)  This is the band of nerve fibers that transfers information between the two hemispheres of the brain.

This increase in size indicates that the two sides of musicians’ brain are better at communicating with each other.

While most of us aren’t professional musicians, we still listen to a lot of music — on average of 32 hours per week. (9)

This is enough time for music to have an effect on the brains of non-musicians as well.


Ways Music Makes You a Better Person

Music has the power to bring forth our better nature.  Some rather interesting studies have been done on what researchers refer to as prosocial behaviors.

These are voluntary behaviors intended to benefit others such as empathy, kindness, generosity, helpfulness and cooperation. Listening to music makes people more inclined to spend time and energy helping others. (28)

This is especially pronounced when music is appreciated in a group such as when dancing, playing music with others, or attending a concert.  This prosocial effect of music has been observed in both adults and children. (29, 30)

Music has been found to make children as young as 14 months more helpful. (3132)  The most effective music of all are songs with lyrics advocating kindness and helpfulness.

A classic example of a prosocial song is We Are the World which has been performed for many humanitarian purposes. Listening to positive lyrics can affect how kind and generous you will be and even how you’ll spend your money. (33, 34)  An interesting example, restaurant customers leave bigger tips when music with positive messages is played during their meal. (35)

Prosocial lyrics can even encourage coffee shop customers to buy fair trade coffee! (36)  Positive song lyrics help make people less prejudiced and fearful of those different than them. (3738)

Imagine the implications for 21st Century classrooms?


Social Emotional Learning Links to MySchoolROCKS

SEL Pie Chart Courtesy of CASEL

Linking the ability to regulate emotions (SEL) with success at school:

  • The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) cites that " Recent research shows that lacking emotional self-regulation in childhood can predict a wide range of consequential life outcomes..." 
  • "It has long been recognized by teachers that students who can pay attention, persevere with tasks, solve problems, and work well with others generally do better in school than those whose abilities are compromised by stress, anxiety, depression, or anger..."   

Learning to play a musical instrument is all about perseverance and resilience!


Canadian researchers lead the way in understanding how music affects the brain:

  • Work at  Polyclinique de l’Oreille reveals that "musical pieces have an expressive structure that is strong enough to inflict emotional states. Music can also reduce anxiety and stress and improve mood." 

        (Graphic created by Pascale Héon, Audiologist,  

            Polyclinique de l’Oreille)



MySchoolROCKS and Ministry Wellness Education

In 2016, Ontario's Ministry of Education released  Well-Being in Our Schools, Strength in Our Society.  The engagement paper states that "...we must heighten our focus on well-being as a crucial prerequisite for long-term success...that the well-being of our children is our priority as a society."   

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How Do Schools Respond to The R.O.C.K.S Message?

Check out the video Parkfield Junior School in Etobicoke created after participating in our Grades 3, 4, and 5 presentation. 

What a GREAT job!

MySchoolROCKS "LIVE ROADSHOW " Will Have You Rockin!


Does your school have any singers, dancers, or musicians? We love to include students in our assembly program! Join us on stage and perform with the band!

Student Participation Is Always Encouraged!



Our performers work with your students prior to the assembly to make sure they are ready to shine!


All MySchoolROCKS presenters are active musicians who perform live shows with their bands and engage with music fans across our community! 

MySChoolROCKS Presenters Are Real Life Rock Stars!



Delivering a professional, impactful and inspiring program is our main goal!

Original Clips from "R.O.C.K Out Bullying LIVE" Archives

John Cabot Secondary School, Mississauga, ON

From an earlier version of our R.O.C.K.S program, students enjoyed a great performance along with a powerful message that challenges youth to R.O.C.K OUT Bullying !

St. Francis Xavier, Brampton, ON

Our Lady of Good Voyage, Brampton, ON



Allan Drive Middle School - Bolton, ON

"Allan Drive greatly appreciates the efforts put forward by during their ROCKOutBullying event at our school. The students enthusiastically received the messages aimed at combating and eliminating bullying in our school. The kids and staff had a great time jamming with the band and we truly appreciated the opportunity to get our principal up to ‘slap a little bass’. All the best for your future efforts!”

Blessed John XXIII Elementary School - Mississauga, ON

“I was blown away by how much the students learned and the quality of the show. The fun, high energy skits really helped our students to understand that there are strategies to deal with bullying and that it is the responsibility of all members of our school community to stop bullying. Well done for getting this message across! ROCKOutBullying should be very proud of their staff as they are great ambassadors for the anti-bullying program."

Sts. Peter and Paul - Mississauga, ON

Thanks for the amazing presentation at P&P! Looking forward to working with you and our students in the New Year! Diego is still on a high from being able to share his drumming skills with the school!

Thank You For Bringing Our Program To Your School!

Partial List of Participating Schools In The GTA

Our Lady Of Providence

St. Valentine School

St. Veronica

Our Lady Of Good Voyage

St. Martin Secondary School

Allan Drive Middle School

Our Lady Of Lourdes

John Cabot Catholic Secondary School

St. Sofia Separate School

Castlebridge Public School

St. Peter School

St. Thomas More

St. Pio Pietrelcina

St. Francis Xavier School

Father C.W. Sullivan

St. Luke Elementary School

Holy Name of Mary

Bishop Francis Allen

Loyola Catholic Secondary School

St. Gregory Elementary School

St. John of the Cross

Blessed John XXIII Elementary School

Father Daniel Zanon School

Our Lady of Lourdes

St. John Bosco

Kingsway College School

Our Lady of Mercy School

Sts. Peter and Paul Separate School