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The MySchoolROCKS Mission

MySchoolROCKS BELIEVES in the SYNERGY between music, education and youth wellness. We inspire elementary school students to embrace well-being, inclusivity and diversity through the power of music.

It is the mission of MySchoolROCKS to ensure that all students have the vocabulary, tools and appropriate outlets to thrive in a positive, community focused environment. Our vision combines face to face engagement with student friendly opportunities to experiment with music.  MySchoolROCKS looks to engage with students across Canada helping them recognize, confront and reduce negative relationships.   


All MySchoolROCKS programming is based on current best practices including the Ontario Ministry of Education Curricular Documents, abuse prevention programs from the Canadian Red Cross as well as professionally reviewed youth wellness research. The MySchoolROCKS team is comprised of professionals whose backgrounds include the arts, media, education, business and technology. 


MySchoolROCKS believes funding challenges should not preclude students from strengthening interpersonal skills, learning about diversity and tapping into their artistic creativity. As a registered charity, MySchoolROCKS strives to be universal, portable and accessible to all children regardless of background, situation or location.  

Learn About the MySchoolROCKS Story:

Arlene Paculan, MySchoolROCKS Creative Director, Talks about the Organization.


  People for Education says in its annual report that only 43 per cent of elementary schools last year had specialist teachers dedicated to teaching the music curriculum -- the lowest percentage in Canada, and down from 49 per cent in 2012”. 

  “Bullying is a complex and critical issue in education. It affects students at all ages and in different ways. The advisory is responding to focus group research that identified bullying as a need-to-know topic. It applies to all College (OCT) members.

- Brian Jamieson, Professionally Speaking: September 2017 (      

“… In about 85-88% of bullying incidents observed on the school playground, peers were present and were watching the bullying happen. Canada ranked a dismal 26th and 27th out of 35 countries on measures of bullying and victimization, according to a recent World Health Organization survey…” 

(Source: © 2015 PREVNet.)  

Education in the arts is essential to students’ intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth and well-being. Experiences in the arts – in dance, drama, music, and visual arts –play a valuable role in helping students to achieve their potential as learners and to participate fully in their community and in society as a whole. - The Ontario Arts Curriculum (revised 2009)  

  Promoting well-being is one of the four interconnected goals of Achieving Excellence, Ontario’s renewed vision for education. This goal is based on the principle that our education system needs to help students build the knowledge and skills associated with positive well-being so that they can become healthy, active and engaged citizens.”- Ontario’s Well-Being Strategy for Education

“As almost every education system in the world holds the belief that education is the best way to ensure children’s health, development and well-being, and therefore the future of the can educators shape education systems to become more responsive to these realities?”- TVO- Learning Out Loud